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Mana Road One-way from Mauna Kea Access Road (Shuttled)

Bicycling Mana Road is a full day adventure! Get a group together and coordinate shuttles from Waimea to Mauna Kea Access Road where the ride starts. Mana Road is a four-wheel drive access road that runs along the base of Mauna Kea, with an elevation between 5000′-7000′. You will bicycle through numerous different climate zones, starting in hot, dry elevation, travelling through native forest, across grazing pasture, and end in misty and cool Waimea.

The route is 45 miles of gravel road, sometimes very rough, up and down with a steady descent in the last 12 miles. Elements can be challenging with high UV exposure, no water access, and the possibility for high winds and rain. Aside from all that, mountain biking Mana Road is a worthwhile adventure!

Mana Road. Mauna Kea in the background, koa tree, plus the invasive and nasty yellow gorse (it is pretty).

What to Expect:

  • High elevation and UV exposure. Sunscreen, UV clothing are essential.
  • Wind advisories. Check to ensure there are no advisories! Riding glasses recommended.
  • No water or food. Bring plenty of water! You will need enough calories and water for a 5 hour journey.
  • No cell phone reception. Many parts of the route do not have cell reception
  • Limited traffic. Good news and bad – not too many cars, until you get to the Waimea side past the cabins. Make sure you have a buddy rider or someone knows your itinerary.
  • Temperatures vary, seasonal and also you traverse several climate zones. 50-80F.
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