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Waiakea Uka, The Hilo Dragon

Malaai Road is the baseline for the Hilo Dragon 5. Branching off of the road are 5 hill opportunities to train for your game, or just enjoy the cool and not busy roads. Try them one at at time or all at once.

  1. Hoaka Road has some steep but short climbs and probably the most challenging of the five. At the
  2. Alawaena Street is the next challenge and you can enjoy a few steep sections but overall a nice spin up.
  3. Ainakahele St. is short wide road with beautiful horses on the side. There’s a hill which you can pound up if you feel like it.
  4. Ainaola Drive is busy and narrow so be bright and mind your visibility.
  5. Kulaloa Road leads to the last nice climb. Say hello to the dobermans at the top. They are magnificent animals, and thankfully, well fenced. Cows stop to notice you and chickens scurry across the road.

Strong nod to the folks who perform the Kona Dragon Bike Race.

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