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Sharing bicycling routes in Hawaii

In an effort to make bicycling in Hawaii to be more accessible and safe, I want to help people get started and continue bicycling Hawaii.  Bicycling is a great way to bring families together, share experiences with friends, and see the island in a more intimate way. Encouraging respectful encounters within our Hawaii community via bike.

Featured Bike Routes

Mauna Loa Observatory Road through Brownie Field

Mauna Loa Observatory Road is the only bike ride where you can look around and imagine you’re in a field…

Hilina Pali Road to Volcano Coast Overlook

Chain of Craters to Kulanaokuaiki Campground to Hina Pali Overlook Hilina Pali descends from Chain of Craters Road to the…

Beach Road to No Longer Four Corners

One of the nicest rides on the island, Beach Road in Puna allows you to ride down the coast without…

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