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Bicycling the Hamakua Coast

The Hamakau Coast on the Island of Hawaiʻi is situated on the North East coast of the windward side. The coastline is mostly sheer cliff with numerous gulch crossing and tropical lush growth. Riding mostly on the old Mamalahoa Hwy, this Hawaii bicycle route is a favorite and a great way to fall in love with bicycling. The route is a trip through history from a life that springs from drive and necessity. You’ll traverse down tropical forest gulches, pass through former plantation towns and catch glimpses of sugarcane production infrastructure. The Hamakua Coast is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

For beginners, keep in mind:

  • you can do it! Go as far as you feel comfortable.
  • seems like a good idea that on the hills, put it in low gear
  • take a break for a picture opportunity (and catch your breath)
  • have fun

Bike Ride from Hilo to Onomea Bay & Peʻepekeo

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens - Whatʻs Shakin Smoothie Shack Hilo, Hawaii is the southern border of the Hamakua Coast and has its own flavor of seaside port commerce, plantation history, modern luxury and tropical lusciousness. The start of this bicycle route will take you through small historic towns, through plantation…

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Pepe’ekeo to Honomū – Bike to Akaka Falls

From the Pepeʻekeo Sugar Mill gear cross highway 19 and head up into your next adventurous discovery bicycle tour. One of the most pleasant places to ride stretches the short distance between Pepeekeo and Honomu. Personally, it’s one of my favorites; I only wish it longer. At the top, you’ll…

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Kolekole – A Serene Big Island Bike Route

SIDEBAR: If you’re on a leisure tour, head into Kolekole Park. I find this park one of the most lovely. Albizia trees lacy canopy float high above while the river flows nearby. Grab your BBQ or set out camp, Kolekole is definitely a nice place to spend some time. While…

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Bicycling Hakalau Bridge, Pining for Hakalau Beach Park & Historic Hakalau Town

Hamakua's Hakalua Bridge: A stunning mauka-to-makai view of Mauna Kea & the Pacific Ocean On clear days, the Hakalau Bridge crossing affords one of the most spectacular mauka-to-makai views of Mauna Kea and the Pacific Ocean. Gazing up at the mountain the morning light makes the mauna glow red. The…

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Ninole, Hawaii – Home of the Smallest U.S. Post Office

Ninole on the Hamakua Coast, not to be confused with Ninole in Kau District, has the smallest U.S. Post office. The post office is a hot attraction, so letʻs bike another segment of Hawaii that ends with this tiny distraction. After getting your fill of splendor on the Hakalau Bridge,…

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