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Beach Bike Route

Bike Route to Ocean Beaches:
Richardson’s Beach, Leleiwi, 4 Mile, and Onekahakaha

This route is a great entry-level route or recovery ride. It’s flat, a good length to get started and you end at a beach! As you advance, push speed and time and it can be a nice challenge too. Drivers are fairly used to bicyclists on this stretch and generally respectful.

There is an official bike route along Kalanianaole, which designates the road shoulder and provides a marginal amount of extra space to bicyclists. The route technically ends ¾ of the way to Richardson’s Beach Park, just past Carlsmith Beach Park, or “4 mile.” At this point, you’re almost there, traffic is much lighter and the shoulder continues in the same manner to the end.

In the beginning, until Hilo Port midway, traffic is fairly heavy with semi-trucks and local Keaukaha commuting congestion. If the trucks and traffic are bothersome, or if you’re with little ones, you can head over one block and ride parallel on Nahale within the Keaukaha community. Most of the traffic dissipates past the port, (except on hot beach days) which makes the second half of the route quite pleasant. You’ll cruise next to the ocean, enjoying the breeze, ocean view and local distractions.

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