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In my attempt to make bicycling Hilo more friendly, I created this map of bike routes, bike lanes, wider shoulders, less frequented roads, and generally how to get around Hilo by bicycle.  Most of the time, shoulders, lanes and routes are all treated about the same. Progress is being made with some interesections accouting for bike traffic. Hope this helps keep you safe and riding more!

Bicycling Around Hilo Town

  • These roads run across town, generally parallel to ocean: Kamehameha, Kinoole, Kilauea, Kapiolani, Akolea
  • These downtown roads get you mauka and generally run perpendicular to ocean: Wainuenue, Ponohawai
  • From the mall side of town, these roads trend mauka too: Puainako, Kawailani, Hai Hai
  • These roads are connector roads. Monono, Kawili, 

Cycling Across Downtown – Bicycling Parallel to Ocean (Generally)

  1. Kalanianaole has a dedicated bike lane. The land has drainage grids embedded in it, but they are fairly new so can be road over. Traffic moves fast and there is a considerable amount of semi-trucks that travel on the road.
  2. The second route is to use the Hilo Bayfront Trails bike path that runs from the bus depot downtown to the canoe outrigger landing that ends at the mouth of Wailoa River. When accessing the trail from the bus depot ignore the gate. The path is open for both pedestrians and bicyclists mult-purpose use. The Hilo bike path meanders in front of the shore through soccer fields; crosses Kamehameha Avenue and Aupuni intersection; and ends in Hilo Bayfront Park.The Wailoa River can be crossed on the left side of Kamehameha Ave. It’s the wrong direction and probably not the safest, but there is a wide area on the side of the bridge sorta dedicated to pedestrian and bicyclist traffic. Once across, be careful of drivers turning right from Lehiwai St. onto Kamehameha Ave.  Bicyclists either pop on the sidewalk (not technically allowed) or traverse across the intersection and then take a left turn onto Lehiwai St.  Take next right onto Banyon Dr. where you can ride along Liliuokalani Park to Ice Pond/Reeds Bay. At Reed Bay, turning onto Banyon Way and then onto Kalanianaole Ave. where you can get onto the bike route to Richardsons. Most traffic in this area is leisure and respectful.

Cycling Around Waiakea Ponds 

The area around Waiakea Villas, Hilo Shopping Center, Monono is difficult to ride smoothly, safely and efficiently. None of it is particularly bicycle friendly. However, if you’re just cruising around, there are side streets and shortcuts to make it more interesting and fun. If you’re out for a more athletic workout, stick to the main routes, or head out of town.

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